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The Artists

Nina Faye Griffee

Founder & CEO
Sponge and Brush Body Painter & Airbrush Body Painter 
Languages: English & Chinese (Mandarin)
Nina began her makeup and body painting career in the UK in 2005 under the instruction of Body Painting champion and Snazaroo ambassador Helen Eyre. In 2009 she moved to Beijing and set up the Nina Griffee Face Painting group. Her goal was to bring together a collection of artists and designers and create a synergy of art, business and passion. Since then a multitude of exciting projects have been the pride of Face Slap including being personal makeup artist to actors Nicolas Cage and Hayden Christiansen in their latest movie, 'Outcast' to be released in 2014 and work with countless brands throughout China and England. 

She is also a trained Fashion Designer graduate from Raffles Design Institute, Australia, and in July 2014 debuted her first Beijing=pollution inspired collection at Hong Kong Fashion week with Air Mask company VOGMASK. As well as working on exciting projects for the coming 2016 she is a regular columnist to Beijing's City Weekend Magazine, Fashionista bi-monthly features. 
    2005年,在人体彩绘冠军和Snazaroo大使Helen Eyre的指导下,Nina在英国开始了她的化妆和人体彩绘的生涯 。2009年,她来到北京,并建立了Nina Griffee脸部彩绘团队。她的目标是聚集一批艺术家和设计师,并融合艺术,商业和激情以协同发展。
    从那时起,Face Slap已经有了众多激动人心的项目,其中一项是在2014年电影“弃儿”中作为演员Nicolas Cage和Hayden Christiansen 的个人化妆师!除此之外Face Slap还与中国和英国的许多品牌有合作。
    她也是一名训练有素的时装设计师,毕业于澳大利亚的Raffles设计学院。2014年7月,她与空气面罩公司VOGMASK一起,在香港时装周首次推出她受启发于“北京=污染”的系列设计。除了为接下来激动人心的项目工作,她还是北京《City Weekend》杂志的一位定期专栏作家,双月时尚专题。

Linda Miao Li     李淼    

Creative Director & Chief Operations Office 
Sponge and Brush Body Painter

Language: Fluent English & Fluent Chinese (Mandarin) 
Linda is our Business Development manager and Chief Operations Officer for Face Slap Ltd. She travels between all branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Macau. Linda first joined the group in early 2012 in Beijing and learned face & body painting, and pro makeup, under Nina Griffee’s direction. Since then she has lead Face Slap to take on exciting projects and new clients as head of business development.

Originally an Interior Design graduate from Arizona State University Linda has designed and built several projects in Beijing including Toyota's 7 story office, several Beijing Hutong renovations, Music Chef's Private Kitchen, and 3sums Burgers + Bar. She now also works as a visual & graphic designer, leading projects for Clubs, hotels, temporary exhibitions, and music festivals.
    Linda是Face Slap公司的业务发展经理和首席执行官。她灵活工作在北京,上海,香港,澳门各分公司间。2012年,她在北京第一次加入Face Slap并在Nina的指导下学习脸部和人体彩绘,以及专业化妆。从此她带领Face Slap获得了许多激动人心的项目和新的顾客。
    她原来是一名毕业于Arizona State University的室内设计师,在北京已经设计了许多项目,包括Toyota的7层办公楼,一些北京胡同改造工程,Music Chef’s Private Kitchen,以及3sums Burgers + Bar。她现在同时也是一名视觉和平面设计师,为俱乐部,酒店,展览和音乐节负责项目。
  1. Kathryn Robbins, Body Painter Shanghai, Face Painter Shanghai, Makeup Artist Shanghai
    Kathryn Robbins - Shanghai
    Kathryn Robbins is our Shanghai based manager for the Face Slap! Team. A senior Painter and Makeup artist! Kathryn Robbins是我们上海团队的经理,一位高级彩绘师和化妆艺术家!
  2. Liz Zhang Face and Body Painter
    Liz Zhang - Beijing
    Intermediate Face and Body Painter Liz Zhang began her passion for paint in London, UK, where she studied to become a graphic designer. She joined the Faceslap team in 2013, and swiftly became a fantastic Intermediate Painter. 中级彩绘师 Liz Zhang在英国伦敦学习平面设计时开始了她的彩绘生涯,2013年加入Face Slap团队后迅速成为了非常优秀的中级彩绘师!
  3. Yinmai O'Connor Face and Body Painter
    Yinmai O'Connor - Beijing
    Junior Face and Body Painter, Neuroscientist, DJ 初级彩绘师. 她是一名神经科学家,一位DJ,
  4. Junior Face Painter & Balloon Artist
    Charmaine Gapasin - Hong Kong
    Junior Face Painter & Balloon Artist 初级脸部彩绘师,彩球艺术家
  5. Cash Jo Face and Body Painter
    Cash Jo - Beijing
    Intermediate Face and Body Painter Cash began face and body painting in 2013 and has quickly become an amazing artist! 中级彩绘师 Cash2013年开始脸部和身体彩绘,现在已经很快成为一个优秀的艺术家!
  6. Gloria Han Face and Body Painter
    Gloria Han - Beijing
    Junior Face Painter Gloria is not only a fantastic Face Painter, but owns a Custom Wedding Ring Design Company in Beijing. 初级脸部彩绘师 不仅是一个优秀的脸部彩绘师,还在北京拥有一个婚戒设计公司。
  7. Intermediate Face Painter & Balloon Artist
    Jesa Mae Amparo - Hong Kong
    Intermediate Face Painter, Balloon Artist & Makeup Artist 中级脸部彩绘师,彩球艺术家和化妆艺术家。
  8. Anita Xian - Shanghai
    Anita Xian - Shanghai
    Junior Face Painter 初级脸部彩绘师
  9. Nashia Anthony - Hong Kong
    Nashia Anthony - Hong Kong
    Junior Face Painter & Makeup Artist 初级脸部彩绘师,化妆师
  10. Jenny Tang - Shanghai
    Jenny Tang - Shanghai
    Junior Face Painter, Producer 初级脸部彩绘师, 制片人
  11. Maud Rigoudy - Shanghai
    Maud Rigoudy - Shanghai
    Junior Face Painter, Graphic Designer, Photographer 初级脸部彩绘师, 平面设计师, 摄影师


Junior Face Painter, Henna & Tattoo Artist
Isa was tragically taken from us in August 2015, may she rest in peace. 

​Jane West

UK Citizen, based in the USA
Senior Artist
Sponge and Brush Body Painter
Language: Fluent English & Basic Chinese (Mandarin) 
Sam West has been an integral part of the development of the now multi city art group, Face Slap. From the intital beginning in Beijing of our original site Sam West helped to creatively develop and nurture the Beijing and Hong Kong sites. 
With face and body painting skills that span over a decade now she is a master of sponge and brush techniques and styles. 

在Face Slap发展到今天成为一个多城市艺术团队的过程中,Sam West起到了不可代替的作用。她帮助团队从刚开始在北京成立,到后来发展到北京和香港两个城市。